My experiences with the new roundabout have been all positive, except for the minor issue of another motorist seemingly sneaking up behind my vehicle and immediately giving a loud blast of the horn, as I had the audacity to slow down and scan before safely entering the roundabout.

My otherwise good experiences are based on using the roundabout less than a dozen times, not exposing me to the full gamut of driver behavior. Therefore, I can certainly empathize with Mr. Yennawine, who has apparently seen terrible, dangerous driver behavior there.

You must slow down, look and yield to use the roundabout safely. Safe driving there and at other intersections requires teamwork; everyone must do his/her part. Slow down at these danger areas!

It is also very important that a structure like the roundabout be properly marked, and it is not. The once-white paint of the all-important yield lines and crosswalks has already faded/worn off badly, with more black asphalt showing through one crosswalk than white. Unacceptable!

Mayor Dickey and Town Council: Get that contractor back here to do a proper painting job with tough, resistant, reflective white paint containing the fine glass beads; that is made to last. And do not pay an extra dime of our money, as the current, brand-new work is defective and creates a hazard to motorists, bicyclists,and pedestrians.