As a parent who attended the Aug. 25 school board meeting, I would like to respond to the call to public portion of that meeting.

Four of the five school board members either have kids currently attending our schools or have kids who graduated from our district.

School board members are not government employees, they are elected, but they are not paid for these positions. They volunteer many hours in their positions, typically after working all day at their paid jobs.

To all parents in our district: If we don’t want quarantines when there is a known COVID exposure, don’t want masks, don’t want vaccines, don’t want social distancing, don’t want half the students in person and half at home, don’t want regular COVID testing, don’t want temperature checks and don’t want virtual learning, then how do we propose we keep our kids in the classrooms, sports and extracurriculars? Can we compromise on anything? Maybe just a temperature check? Maybe masks indoors when social distancing is not possible? Perhaps if someone is vaccinated and masked, they don’t have to quarantine? Is there anything that can give? Anything?

We all want our kids to stay in the classrooms. We do have something in common, we do all care for our kids. Staying in class is important for their social and emotional well-being. Please contact the school board, respectfully, with your concerns and suggestions, but then trust them to make the best decisions for our kids. Let’s keep them in the classrooms!