As former trustee for the village of Sugar Grove, Ill., I oversaw zoning and planning for four years. Currently, my wife and I own and reside on property located on Monterey Drive next to the proposed hospital. We also own property across the street from the proposed hospital.

The stated intent to develop a hospital facility with a 24-hour emergency room is inconsistent with C-1 use. There should not be exceptions. Furthermore, changing the zoning from C-1 to C-2 for a hospital provides no safeguards for ultimate building size and height. The developer has virtually free reign as to the number of floors with C-2 zoning. This is inconsistent with a Dark Sky residential neighborhood.

A hospital draws increased traffic and increased noise, air and light pollution, and more road congestion. Increased traffic requires a new stoplight on Trevino and Saguaro Blvd., one-half block from Shea and Saguaro. The result is a substantial increase in traffic accidents at both intersections due to their close proximity and a lack of safe stopping distance for vehicles.

Additional traffic and emergency vehicles from a hospital would exacerbate an already existing traffic issue. The proposed hospital would adversely impact our Dark Sky Policy. The number of windows from a large building, lighted signage, parking lot lights and vehicle lights creates increased light pollution. Also, elimination of a large portion of the hillside straddling Saguaro and the creation of a 5.74-acre level surface to accommodate the buildings and parking lots would add a significant water runoff impacting residents whose homes abut the facility.

Building a hospital in a high-quality residential neighborhood will significantly devalue those homes in the immediate area. The entire area will face an increased noise level generated by more cars, trucks and ambulances. Just say “No.”