During these difficult times in our country with the virus concerns, there are some places to go in our town that are safe, such as hiking in Fountain Hills on the Overlook Trail by the Fountain and the Fountain Hills Botanical Garden.

Please remember to use the six-foot rule when meeting other hikers. Look closely for blooms because desert plants have unusual flowers. For instance, the Mormon Tea has small cone-like blooms. Triangle Leaf Bursage has greenish-yellow inconspicuous flowers.

In the Botanical Garden there is a lot of information on the signs, so stop to read them. Due to all the rain there is still running water that comes from leaks in the rock dam built in 1941 by cowboys as a water source for wintering cattle. Enjoy the peace you find in the garden. Often all you hear is bird calls. Be considerate of others if you bring your dog on a leash and please pick up after them.