Now Arizona cities are going to force voting-aged, tax-paying American citizens to wear masks without letting them vote on it. Interesting. One more day and one less freedom.

Blink, folks, and you’ll be instructed which day of the week you can shop for groceries, gas up your car, eat at a restaurant and, eventually, whether or not you will be allowed to vote this year.

Perhaps first they’ll tell you when and where to hand over your guns and which council member to turn all of your money over to under penalty of imprisonment. Maybe soon they will tell you who you can talk to. Maybe they will put you to work somewhere whether you want to work there or not.

Fountain Hills has had 52 cases of COVID-19. Not 52 deaths. 52 cases. How many other illnesses have we had only 52 cases of in town where the government then removed one of our freedoms without so much as a vote? Zero.

Whatever town does not require face masks will get my business, even if I have to gas up my car to get there. But then again, I’ll probably have to wait for the Fountain Hills council to tell me which day of the week I can do that. No thanks.

1930s Germany says “Hello” to 21st century Arizona.