Folks, it’s high time to face reality and make a course correction in our upside-down nation. Over the last 70 years we’ve created a mindset of me-ism at the cost of out of control behaviors and the loss of innocent lives. We’ve turned right to wrong and wrong to right and now we’re reaping the results.

We have made truth irrelevant. Now, everybody does what is right in their own eyes. We’ve created a monster where hate and madness are so prevalent, we’re lashing out at our neighbors where we used to care and respect one another’s individuality. Is it any wonder, once normal, respectable individuals turn into raving killers?

Real freedom and liberty are only found in a society where its people unite in love and compassion for one another and there is only one source where these traits and truth prevail, the Bible. For the naysayers or doubters, a careful study of “true world history” will support the claims of the Bible. I say “true history” because the secularists have rewritten much of history to validate their own self-styled agenda, contrary to the absolute in the word of God.

After all, it is the Bible that inspired our founders to draw up our Constitution, insuring continual individual freedom and liberty in a society of rules and laws. For the sake of innocents, it’s high time to dust off our Bible, which is the very source for truth and civility amongst any people for all time.