The choice in this election is clear. The choice is freedom or Socialism.

President Trump and Republicans offer lower taxes, so we retain control of more of our money. President Trump and Republicans appoint judges who actually apply the Constitution rather than impose their personal agenda. President Trump and Republicans support public safety and the rule of law. They strongly support the police who risk their lives to protect us and our property, and who have been demeaned and diminished by so many Democrat politicians.

President Trump and Republicans support true freedom of speech, not the cancel culture and media censorship, which fosters the fear of voicing a differing opinion. President Trump and Republicans actively support freedom of religion, so we can worship God as we choose rather than seeing big government as our savior. President Trump and Republicans support economic freedom, with fewer oppressive regulations, which allows the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish and create opportunity and prosperity for all Americans. President Trump and Republicans offer an optimistic outlook for our future rather than a “blame America” mindset. They respect our flag, our national anthem and the patriots who made and make this country great.

Despite attacks from so many sources, efforts to subvert his presidency from the Deep State, and unsubstantiated and disproven allegations, President Trump has kept the promises which he made to us in 2016. He has donated all his salary back to a variety of government agencies. He has earned four more years to continue his work for us and he deserves the election of Republicans from Martha McSally to David Schweikert to Steve Chucri to Michelle Ugenti-Rita to Joseph Chaplik to John Kavanagh to Jerry Sheridan to Jim O'Connor to Stephen Richer and down the ballot to help him Make America Great Again...Again!