I am currently a director of the Fountain Hills Sanitary District and would appreciate receiving your vote to serve another term.

You will soon receive a ballot in the mail asking you to vote for no more than three candidates. When you do vote, please complete the arrow for candidates #4, #3 and #1 (BMT). I am candidate #4.

I am a retired civil engineer with an extensive background in the wastewater profession and a 20-year resident of Fountain Hills. As a result of hard work and dedication I advanced to become a principal in two design firms, one small and the other national in size. Thus, I know firsthand what it takes to run a business and the responsibilities that come with it.

If re-elected to serve another term on your Sanitary District I promise to uphold the position with the upmost of integrity, assure that wastewater services continue to fulfill your future needs and do everything with complete transparency.

Experience does matter!