This is again a response to David Banks.

Fact: Biden called Trump a racist for closing our borders because of the virus. Now Biden blames Trump for COVID-19. How many more lives would have been lost if Trump would have listened to Biden?

Fact: Biden is corrupt. Read “Profiles in Corruption,” whose author has over 150 pages of notes collaborating everything.

Fact: It was Biden who forced the AG of Ukraine to resign for looking into Hunter Biden and the most corrupt company in Ukraine that Hunter worked for.

Fact: Biden has been in politics for nearly 50 years and accomplished nothing regarding racial issues while now he blames Trump for all of them.

Also, Biden wants to increase our taxes by $4 trillion a year. Trump does not. Biden wants to give free Medicare to 11 million illegal immigrants while U.S. citizens have to pay for theirs. How much will that cost us citizens?

Biden wavers all the time. He doesn't stick to anything. One day he wants to defund the police, next day not. One day he wants to ban fracking, the next day not. One day he wants to stop the fossil fuel industry, the next day not. I guess it depends on who he listens to that day, and I am afraid he listens to the far left wing more than the moderates.

He also said he wants to put all the regulations back on businesses again, which would hurt the economy and close factories again.

Lastly, there has to be a reason why China wants Biden elected president. Can it be that Trump has been too tough on China in order to help American workers?