This fall voters will be given the chance to resolve what started out as a personal vendetta against me by Bob Shelstrom, but has escalated into a campaign against the Sanitary District.

Earlier this year, in my volunteer position as co-chair of VisionFH, my integrity was questioned by Mr. Shelstrom and he promised to scrutinize all my activities, including my actions as a Sanitary District Director.

Since that beginning in January, on multiple occasions Mr. Shelstrom has inferred that: I am dishonest; I received “payment” for a District project now underway in Fountain Park; I was part of a rigged bidding process for the project; I have been negligent in overseeing proper maintenance of District assets; I provided a service to a crony for payback by another favor of equal value at a later time (called malfeasance, a Class 2 Misdemeanor); I am greedy and only supported a well-vault replacement project so I could have my name placed on a bronze plaque; and I have taken part in overcharging residents for District services.

Naturally, I take exception to all of these accusations because I know first-hand that they are pure nonsense. I also know that the entire Board has impartially upheld its duties in planning, controlling and managing (not micro-managing) District operations.

As for the three incumbents, I am a retired engineer with an extensive background in wastewater engineering; another is an attorney with public law experience, and another is a financial professional. Collectively, along with two other Directors, we have the talents and experience to oversee District assets.

When the time comes, please vote for me and the other two incumbents, Maroon and Thomson; we are your no-nonsense neighbors, with integrity. Remember, “BMT.” (Butler, Maroon, Thomson).