The fall Fountain Festival of Fine Arts and Crafts drew a massive crowd to Fountain Hills this past weekend, preceded by a memorable gathering for Veterans Day in Fountain Park. Next week we’ve got the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Turkey Trot, with events like the Stroll in the Glow on the horizon.

Local schools have been able to return to more extracurricular activities and our sports are in the midst of shifting from fall to winter activities.

The Fountain Hills Theater is back in full swing, local churches, clubs and organizations are back to hosting events and the Town of Fountain Hills has plenty of activities planned on a weekly basis.

Temperatures are coming down, families and friends are getting to spend more time together and the holidays are upon us.

There’s clearly plenty of work left to do concerning the pandemic and we encourage everyone to keep up safe practices until the day we can finally put this mess in the rearview mirror. But you’ve got to take the good with the bad and, right now, it’s nice to focus on all the positive things happening in and around our community. Let’s all enjoy ourselves, be safe and keep working toward a brighter tomorrow.