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Not satisfied with what the Arizona Legislature accomplished last session in relation to short-term rental properties, Representative John Kavanagh is looking to be more expansive on those regulations when the Legislature returns to session on Monday, Jan. 13.

Kavanagh, a Fountain Hills resident, said he wants regulations that create a “zero” footprint for such rental properties in an effort to make them “invisible” to surrounding neighbors.

Kavanagh’s proposed rules would require off-street parking, no outside smoking and no more than conversation after a designated evening hour.

He said he would also require a decibel meter to be installed on the property with automatic notification to the property owner if noise exceeds a desired level.

Kavanagh’s bill also eliminates a state preemption and would allow municipalities greater authority to regulate the short-term rental properties within residential zoning districts.

Kavanagh also plans to introduce a bill to make it a traffic violation for owners of autonomous self-driving vehicles to override safety features.

Kavanagh said some such vehicles require a hand on the steering wheel to operate, and he said some drivers are placing a weight on the steering wheel to create the illusion there is a hand on the wheel.

Kavanagh also wants to penalize “sanctuary cities” with a law making such communities civilly liable for criminal acts by any illegal alien if the city releases them or fails to turn them over to federal enforcement agents.

Another bill Kavanagh is working on would create an animal abuser website so those involved in making pets available for adoption can check to make sure they are not turning an animal over to a known abuser.

He also wants to make it illegal to sell animal fighting paraphernalia.

Other items Kavanagh will present to the legislature include bills for creation of school threat assessment teams to help identify people who are potential threats to schools.

He would define vaping devices the same as cigarettes and cigars for consistency in anti-smoking laws.

Kavanagh also proposes to give the Arizona Department of Water Resources the authority to install water meters on commercial wells to record the amount of water being taken from the water table.

Kavanagh said the legislature will have its own budget plan to present to the governor so they can work toward a common budget proposal. He said there is no shortfall this year.