The Town of Fountain Hills recently completed a replacement program for the memorial benches in Fountain Park.

The old iron benches were being replaced due to significant deterioration from corrosion and rust due to exposure to wastewater irrigation. Many had become eyesores and safety hazards.

The new “eco-slatted” benches were selected for their durability and the ability to replace individual slats if damaged.

About one year ago the town opened the replacement program to new donors who wished to dedicate a bench to a loved one. The cost to dedicate a bench is $1,800 with a new dedication plaque costing an additional $200.

The lifespan of the bench is estimated at 10 years and the town does not guarantee the longevity of the benches. When the lifespan of the bench has been reached and it requires replacement, the donor will have the opportunity to fund a new bench at the then current replacement cost.

The town is also developing a webpage to commemorate current and previous donors and their dedication. There will be an announcement when the webpage is made active.

For more information about the benches or dedication, contact the Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department at 480-816-5100.