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The Town of Fountain Hills seems to have a plethora of bird lovers.

First, Senior Building Inspector Jeff Miller, along with Arizona Game and Fish employee Amy Burnett, rescued an owl Miller saw impaled on a barbed wire fence on his way home from work. (See story page 1A)

Then on Wednesday, town employees Roy Jaffe and Justin Weldy helped an owl who may have been hit by a car.

Jaffe, who works in Code Enforcement, was riding his motorcycle along Palisades Boulevard when he noticed the bird sitting on the side of the road. Since he couldn’t do much on the motorcycle, he rode to work and ran in to Public Works Director Weldy, who also was arriving at work. They jumped in Weldy’s work truck, drove back to find the owl in the same spot. Weldy had a shirt in his truck, so they wrapped up the bird, then contacted Burnett.

Burnett came and got the owl and transported it to Liberty Wildlife, the same place the first bird was taken.

“This (car injury) is the most common injury I see in owls I pick up,” Burnett wrote in a text to The Times. “I probably transport three to four a year that have been hit by cars. The barbed wire one was a more rare situation.”

Jaffe and Weldy each have experience with animals. Weldy said he has rescued between 20 and 30 raptors while working in Fountain Hills.

Jaffe volunteers with Southwest Wildlife and is a retired animal control officer.