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Ward: Let’s move forward as a town


The censure of Councilman #7 should not be considered a partisan dispute. It’s about The Ruling Class v The Plebes. In this power hierarchy, the council is the Ruling Class, and us constituents are the Plebes.

If a Ruler uses his/her position of power to punch down at Plebes, it’s incumbent upon the rest of the Ruling Class to hold their own members accountable. Six members of our Ruling Class had a choice to make: Stand up for we, the Plebes, or protect a Ruler who many felt had abused his position of power.

Councilmembers Toth, Friedel and Kalivianakis weren’t sanctioned. Neither were the three Democrats on the council. Why? Because they didn’t make anyone fear for their lives. They’ve all shown themselves to be capable of humility and contrition. More or less.

Our councilmembers are not aristocrats. They’re Democrats and Republicans. It’s incumbent upon them to uphold their party’s standards. Without principle or ethos, party affiliation is empty branding. A morally bankrupt LLC with nothing left to sell. No hopes. No dreams.

A quick note to Councilwoman Kalivianakis: If the Republicans want to purge you from their ranks like they did the McCains, you’re welcome to practice your Constitutional Republicanism as an Independent voter. Independence means the freedom to practice your principles. The USA was founded upon such a Declaration in 1776.

Let’s move forward as a town. One with hopes and dreams. Please?

Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.