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The Fountain Hills Times recently wrote that the far-right “Alternative” blogs about the School Board and Town Council “as news and written under pseudonyms.” FHUSD Superintendent Dr. Cain Jagodzinski sadly deals with not only an underfunded school system due in part to those behind the Alternative site and supporters, but misinformation.

“I’ve had several people reach out to me concerned about that site,” Jagodzinski said. “There's just a lot of things that are just very, very inaccurate.”

Lies about the school are not enough. Disparaging students is also apparently in play.

The Alternative site’s Larry Meyers, Republican Club’s Republican of the Year, opined about attending the town’s Democratic Club meeting that featured a presentation from A New Leaf, an organization focused on youth development and ending homelessness, domestic violence and poverty. The standard insults from Meyers toward Democrats were included. So was the customary reference to “woke” and a red herring rant about Black Lives Matter. But in addition to an affront toward A New Leaf was vitriol toward Rory Wilson, who presented on homelessness.

“The presenter herself left much to be desired, a vapid skull full of mush filled by our very own FH education system,” wrote Meyers. “She went on to achieve a degree in social something or other…a worthless and non-productive degree ultimately ending in a career on the taxpayer dole, government work, or maybe in a corporation’s diversity department, producing nothing nor providing any service actually advancing society or in demand by consumers.”

We need more Rory Wilsons, a double major in sociology and public service and public policy with a 4.0 GPA college career; a member of two honor societies; cofounder of Together We Care; a Fountain Hills Leadership Academy graduate; and yes, a product of Fountain Hills’ school system.