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The facts


Vicki Thompson should follow her own advice to “verify and learn true facts.” What has “divided and destroyed our country” is misinformation. Fact-checkers tallied 30,573 times that Trump lied over four years in office.

Trump’s tax cuts benefitted the wealthy with tax increases starting in 2021. These cuts and other policies caused our national debt to balloon to $7.8 trillion. Now, Republicans are refusing to pay that debt!

President Trump didn’t make us energy independent. Since 2005, total energy net imports generally declined each year to a record low in 2021 due to the explosion of fracking. According to Forbes, the gap between supply and demand shrank substantially under Obama when fracking started.

Title 42 was initiated because of the pandemic and went away when the pandemic was over. The “thousands of illegals waiting to stampede the border” came about because Title 42 forced refugees to wait in dangerous Mexican border areas to apply for asylum, their legal right, creating a dire situation. Human Rights Watch identified more than 13,000 incidents of kidnapping, torture, rape and other violent attacks on people expelled under Title 42.

Biden never “took down the wall” or “opened the borders.” The Biden administration continued building some wall to fill in gaps and to address environmental issues. More than four million people have been apprehended or expelled.

Schools aren’t “brainwashing” kids, LGBTQ folks aren’t “grooming” children, the undocumented aren’t “dangerous invaders raising crime levels,” etc. Right-wing media and MAGA candidates manufacture dangers to create fear and win votes.

How is it possible that all the (award-winning) news sources that America has relied on all these years are now in a conspiracy to lie to us? The source that aligns with Vicki's views was charged, convicted and fined $787.5 million for lying to the public!