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Talented men


We have some really great Fountain Hills Arizona Representatives and a Senator in our district.

Joseph Chaplik is a workhorse at the Legislature. In fact, in his first terms in office, Joseph was so impressive and successful in passing legislation that he now is a serious contender for Speaker of the House.

Alex Kolodin a constitutional conservative, an attorney who fits the old adage, “the difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes just a bit longer.” Together, these two Republicans will always do what they promise.

And we have a solid Fountain Hills guy in Republican John Kavanagh, who really knows the process to get things done at the Capitol. He has been in office many years in the House and Senate and deserves another two-year term.

It’s a credit to Fountain Hills voters they support such talented men. Let’s make sure the team has a solid Republican majority in the House and Senate to really get things done and support the agenda that Kari Lake as Governor will put in motion.