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Skillicorn: The ethics code is being weaponized


The weaponization of the ethics code should alarm every honest citizen in Fountain Hills.

I understand that there are those in this community who do not like the fact that I consistently stand up for taxpayers as a member of the Town Council, but having disagreements on policy is not a violation of our ethics code.

Here are the facts. I had a bunch of signs that I paid for stolen and so I put a GPS tracker on them to find out what was happening to them. Turns out they were in the back of a town truck. All I wanted was to get my sign back. The town changed the rules about sign placement without telling anyone. They selectively enforced the rule, stole my signs, and made no effort to return them. And I am the one facing ethics violations and sanctions?

I am also facing sanctions for simply asking tough questions during a meeting. I have since uncovered evidence that a council member and developer hid correspondence “to keep it out of the public domain.” In other words, I was right to ask questions.

My message to the mayor and to the members of this body who are OK with the ethics process being weaponized – be careful what you wish for. If this is what the process has become, then so be it.

Finally, this effort is all about trying to silence me. That will not happen. I will not back down. I will not be silent. I won’t be intimidated. I will continue telling the truth and exposing this administration’s abuse of power and total incompetence!

Editor’s note: The quote above is from an email from Justin Eller of Sandor Development Company to councilmember Brenda Kalivianakis following requests to view parking agreements for proposed development within the Target center. The quote, as written, is not accurate. The quote reads, “Want to confirm this is the correct personal email address to send documents. We don’t want these in the public domain.” The Times Independent is working on a story concerning ethics violations complaints stemming from these emails.

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