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I have been accused by Allen Skillicorn of making a death threat against him. I was made aware of this on April 17 while on vacation with friends in (Gasp!) California. Skillcorn’s accusation was reported by Travis Akin, a public relations consultant located in Illinois, in an online “news” site called The Patch.

My response on the Patch site was “Apparently, Mr. Skillicorn has an insatiable need to keep his name in the news. My comment was taken out of context. I did not make a death threat against Skillicorn or anyone else. I am not behind the recall movement, if it even exists. But I will actively support a candidate in 2024 that will restore common sense to the Town Council.”

I thought it would fade away like all fake news.

Since last week’s article about an ethics complaint filed against Skillicorn, others have taken to posting the Patch link on social media and stirring the pot. Maybe they should have read the MCSO’s Incident Report before accepting the Patch article as gospel. The comment I made was in response to a long thread on social media discussing how he can be legally removed from the Town Council. I acknowledge that maybe “Hell” was too strong of a word. Maybe I should have used “Purgatory” (I can confirm the skiing was great there this year) or perhaps “Illinois,” if they would only take him back.

I believe in the democratic system and that he can be legally removed from office either by a recall movement or when he is up for reelection and not by threats or violence. In the meantime, I will have my irrigation system on 24/7 in case someone decides to drop off a burning cross.