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Ronca: The school bond election outcome


More than 4,100 voters decided that, on average, $100 yearly was worth fixing our school buildings (no matter how many students were in it), protecting our town's kids and providing the necessary learning tools to keep our children's skills competitive with other schools.

But nearly 5,500 decided that was too high a price to pay. Apparently, the average $100 a year is a massive tax increase! And confusing to me, I heard people say they won't vote for the bond until student achievement scores go up, but they voted against giving those kids the learning tools they need to do that.

And then 6,400 voters decided it was a good idea to potentially sell the Four Peaks School. I did, too, because maintaining it was a drag on our FHUSD financial resources. But if those who voted "aye" believe selling the school will solve the financial problem, news flash, it won't. Even if it sold for $5 million it wouldn't solve the problem. And it won't sell for even a fifth of that amount.

I have read comments stating the town should buy it. Really, the town has no money lying around. The voters have also made sure of that. What's important in Fountain Hills? That you save $100 a year, or is it to increase your property values by enhancing the reputation of our town and the desirability to live here?  And should the safety of our school children even have a price tag? Think about it.

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