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Tips on Writing Better Ad Copy

Make your ads easily recognizable:
Ads which are distinctive in their use of art, layout techniques and type faces usually enjoy a higher readership than run-of-the-mill advertising. Try to make your ads distinctively different in appearance from the advertising of your competitors--and keep your ads consistent. This way, readers will recognize your ads before they even read them.

Use a simple layout:
Ads should be easy to read. They should not be complicated. The layout should carry the reader's eye through the message easily and in proper sequence: from illustration to headline to explanatory copy to price to store's name. Avoid the use of too many different type faces, overly decorative borders and reverse plates. All of these devices are distracting and will reduce the number of readers who receive your entire message.

Use a prominent benefit headline:
The first question a reader asks of an ad is: "What's in it for me?" Select the main benefit which your merchandise or service offers and feature it in a compelling headline.

Make your copy complete:
Know all there is to know about the merchandise you sell and select the benefits most appealing to your customers. Keep sentences short and simple. Break up long blocks of copy with subheads or related pictures.

Use a dominant element:
A large picture or headline insures quick visibility. Photographs and realistic illustrations have about equal attention-getting value, but photographs of real people win more readership. So do action pictures. Use good art work. It will pay off in extra readership.

Let white space work for you:
Don't overcrowd your ad. White space is an important layout element in newspaper advertising because the average page is so heavy with small type.

State price or range of prices:
Dollar figures have good attention value. Don't be afraid to quote your price, even if it's high. Readers will often overestimate omitted prices. If the advertised price is high, explain why the item represents a good value.

Include related items:
Make two sales instead of one by selling related items along with the featured one.

Specify brand merchandise:
If the item is a known brand, say so in your advertising. Manufacturers spend large sums of money to sell their merchandise. You can capitalize on their advertising while enhancing the reputation of your store by featuring brand items.

Urge your readers to buy now:
Ask for the sale. You can stimulate prompt action by using such phrases as 'limited supply' or 'this week only.'

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