My wife and I are homeowners (and condo owners) in Fountain Hills and love and appreciate this unique community. Despite the COVID-19 scare we came down to our home here only to find this debacle going on. Another greedy developer, pushing to change zoning to make millions with no honest regard for the people who live and pay taxes here.

Unfortunately, like many others we have been prevented from expressing our concern as taxpayers and homeowners. I contacted the Fountain Hills Town Clerk to ask for a ballot on this simple zoning change – I was told because we are Canadians and not US residents we are unable to vote in this “election.”

This is not an election, it is a bylaw referendum and as taxpayers and homeowners in Fountain Hills (as are many other non-USA residents), I believe that in a bylaw referendum which affects our community, all property owners/property tax payers should be fully entitled to have a vote on something that will ultimately negatively affect our community and damage property values and quality of life.

You folks had already had a similar situation during the 1700s, “no taxation without representation.” That key grievance of the American colonists was one of the major causes of the American Revolution.

The principle holds. This is a simple vote on a zoning bylaw and as taxpayers and homeowners in Fountain Hills we (and all of the others being denied a say on this proposed bylaw amendment) are being cheated out of our no vote because they are characterizing it as an “election.”

What “election” charges interested parties $100 for the right to speak? I can only hope that those allowed to speak will stop this development.