There are two initiatives on the all-mail ballot for the Nov. 2 election. Please vote yes on both initiatives for our community and our students.

The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Override and the District Additional Assistance (DAA) Override provide funds for the Fountain Hills Unified School District through a continuation of current taxes. There will be no increase. These overrides are an important part of the funding of our school’s programs, staff and general operations.

Without two yes votes, the school district will have to cut $750,000 from our budget for the DAA. They will not be able to continue to support technology, instructional materials, facilities and transportation that these funds are used for. If we do not pass the M&O override, FHUSD will be required to cut $1.3 million from their budget and will not be able to support many programs (including all-day kindergarten), professional development and they may have to reduce their staff.

Both of these will be detrimental to our students and our community, so please vote yes for both!