Over the last couple of years, we have added to our wildlife sightings here on Ironwood by purchasing several very look-alike animal sculptures from MJ on his previous visits to Fountain Hills. This week he is back in town with a large display of various sculptures to pique your interest that are on show outside the Comfort Inn.

One of the reasons that Ellen and I decided to settle in Fountain Hills in the early 1980s was because of the abundance of wildlife we could observe. We still take pleasure when we hear a family of coyotes calling each other or when a herd of javelina saunter across the road, and we vividly remember the day a mother mountain lion casually headed up the arroyo with her two cubs in tow.

Alas, as the empty lots are disappearing, so too are common sightings of familiar game. I suggest you consider doing what Ellen and I did by stopping by and examining MJ’s animal sculptures at the Comfort Inn. When we added a prowling look-alike mountain lion to our mix of sculptures, it was interesting to watch walkers first freeze and then take a second look as his piercing eyes seemed to penetrate the pedestrian’s soul.

Ellen and I, along with visitors to our home, still get much pleasure admiring American’s great symbol, a sculpture of a bald eagle as it comes in to land on a group of quartz boulders in a front yard, or when we view the family of deer sculptures sheltering under our trees. I think you might enjoy the result of joining MJ at the Comfort Inn this week and perhaps adding one or two items to display in your front yard and thus increase your wildlife sightings.