Due to an unprecedented emergency, I was unable to attend and participate as planned at the Wally Nichols ceremony on Jan. 26.

Deepest apologies to Sheila Nichols, as she had asked me to speak at the event and I have written her a personal note .

I was privileged and honored to deliver an eulogy at his celebration of life years ago at a packed Boys & Girls Club auditorium. And I will always remember his friendship not only for what he did for my home country of El Salvador, but for his quality leadership as our mayor.

Sitting next to him at the dais during the most turbulent times this community has experienced, I admired his quiet, elegant and respectful manner in dealing with the issues and leading our council to a compromise level which is extinct in today’s government at all levels.

Wally will always be remembered as a true gentleman, but not only in Fountain Hills. A plaque honoring his dedication to support the underprivileged in our Sister City of Ataco is placed below our U.S. flag in Fountain Hills Village.

Requiescat in pace.