A year ago, we started seeing images of asylum seekers in cages, tent cities and “ice boxes.” Now, we are seeing something far worse.

Animals are treated more humanely and, by not allowing the public or congress to see the conditions inside these “dog cages” or talk to the “inmates,” conditions can only get worse. The public and congress are sleeping. I hope we wake up before it is too late.

I have spoken to some of these people (these are people, not animals) released by ICE to go to sponsors and families. One teenage mother told of having to sleep standing up with her baby at her feet. Everyone told of not being given adequate water to drink. I saw traumatized toddlers lying on the floor screaming and hurling things at the wall to express their frustration and fear. Mothers at churches refuse to let their babies be bathed for fear they might be taken away.

Who is helping? “Not I,” says the city, state and federal government. Only the churches, private organizations and individuals are saying, “Then I will help,” and they are. Will you?