I’ve been a Fountain Hills resident for 24 years. As the founder of Echelon Company, I got into construction more than 50 years ago. I know a smart, high-quality development when I see one. Daybreak is exactly that!

Daybreak will make Fountain Hills a better place to live, to work and to do business. That’s why I voted yes in a public vote on Town Council. Daybreak passed 5-2 and I hope you’ll join me voting yes on propositions 427 and 428.

I’ve witnessed hours of presentations and public comment about Daybreak over the past year.

*These 400 luxury housing units stand out as “best in class” when it comes to new construction.

*Daybreak will blend with the environment and the surrounding homes.

*It meets the requirements of the Town’s General Plan.

*Daybreak will be far less impactful to the site and to traffic than the site’s current hotel zoning.

*Town staff and our engineers support the proposal and the developers have agreed to every single stipulation our planning staff suggested.

The final positive is the revenue this will bring to Fountain Hills. Voters have been clear that they don’t want a property tax. Daybreak will stimulate tens of millions of dollars in local spending and create about $4 million in revenue for the town over the next decade.

If we want Fountain Hills to continue to have top-notch public safety and quality of life, then Daybreak doesn’t just make sense, it is a must!

I’ll be voting yes on 427 and yes on 428. I hope you will too.