The Daybreak proposal is objectionable for many reasons, including poor land use and density, but each and every resident of Fountain Hills who travels regularly through the Shea/Palisades intersection should have great concern about the safety and traffic snarl issues posed by the new intersection for Daybreak.

There will be many hundreds of vehicles entering and exiting the development every day, quite likely with the highest frequencies during the Monday to Friday morning and evening commute times, when traffic is already backed up far up Palisades in the morning and far down Shea in the evening. The developer’s FAQs misleadingly states that the project will only add “an average of 1.6 trips per minute” to Palisades traffic (more meaningful would be trips per peak traffic minute). But that same FAQ answer admits that the project will add a total increase of 19 percent to Palisades traffic.

Think about your evening commute into Fountain Hills. Do you really want to deal with 19 percent more traffic, especially when the increased amount will be entering and exiting an intersection on a blind curve only a hundred yards or so from the turn off of Shea?

Twenty years ago I ran for Town Council and was elected on a “Save the Mountains” platform. It disturbs me that Daybreak is pursuing a development with land disturbance and densities that are so at odds with the Town’s General Plan and Subdivision and Zoning ordinances.

I intend to vote no on Props 427 and 428. I hope you will too.