Why have Arizona Republican legislators introduced dozens of bills with the intent of making it as difficult as possible for registered voters to vote, or even to nullify their votes?

Rep. Shawnna Bolick, R-Phoenix, has proposed letting the Legislature void the results of a presidential election if it chooses. Several bills would limit or end voting by mail. Under House Bill 2701, Rep. John Fillmore, R-Apache Junction, calls for limiting mail voting only to people who cannot physically vote at a polling place. The bill would also tightly limit the number of vote centers in each county based on the population of the county. Maricopa County could only have 15 vote centers under the proposed law. The county opened more than 100 for last year’s presidential election.

Under Senate Bill 1503, proposed by Sen. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, voters could still get ballots in the mail, but would have to return them in person. House Bill 2369 would require voters casting a ballot by mail to get the envelope notarized or return it in person to a polling place.

The Republican legislature sees their future, and they are scared. They know they can’t win elections with their policies, so they must suppress the vote. They do so at their own peril, as Arizona voters will remove them from office.