Isn’t it interesting how tax-hungry politicians sell increasing tax burdens as “investments,” yet they can’t provide measurable and substantial “dividends” to our students from the spending?

Oh, we did get an “A+” from an award organization that only awards one grade, A+, to 44 schools that applied for this “award” in 2020.

What performance “dividends” did our current override deliver for the students?

AzMERIT test results show that we score near the bottom of our peer districts in virtually every subject. It appears that our current “override investment” in academics was a loser!

We also have a major problem creating a quality level acceptable to our community. Census data show that we have about 2,500 K-12-age students, yet only 1,425 choose to enroll in our schools. I did some research and found that about 330 chose Scottsdale public schools, about 80 are home schooled and the rest apparently go to charter and private schools. Not good.

I could support the increased tax burden if the Board and administration had clearly identified the deficiencies, the root cause of them and a viable academic action plan, schedule and budget to remedy them. More performance-driven districts like Chandler (Hull J2025 Site Plan 21.22.pdf ( already do this.

Until the district demonstrates it understands the deficiencies and has a plan, budget and schedule for remedying them, it’s clear that this override will only make our education more expensive rather than better quality.

Clearly, ineffectively spent resources and raises for the bureaucracy is the driving force for this override. Until the Board is willing to commit to using it for measurable academic improvement, “no” is the only rational vote for both overrides.