Primary ballots are being mailed out. On it are three Republicans running for the Arizona House in Legislative District 23, which includes Fountain Hills. Among all the serious problems our country currently faces, determining the person who will represent us in our State House is one of the most critical decisions we will make this summer.

House Republicans hold only a one-seat advantage in the House. If that seat flips, issues such as low taxes, support for border control, personal liberty, school choice and quality of life can dramatically change. The individual we chose in our Republican Primary frankly must be the most talented, energetic candidate and the most determined individual we can send into the General Election against what promises to be a well-funded opponent. Electing the same old, same old will not suffice this time.

There is only one, clear standout for your vote in LD-23; a man who possesses the capability, the energy, the voice and the leadership ability to win in these trying times. That person is a conservative, lifetime NRA member, pro-life, U.S. Marshal posse member, a family man and successful business/civic leader, Joseph Chaplik. I hope you will give careful thought to the name you check on your ballot and conclude right now is exactly the right time for a change. Please join with my family and I in voting for Joe.