When my family arrived at Fountain Hills in 2005, we had young children and looked forward to raising them in this beautiful town. We participated in the holiday events, local sports leagues, Parks and Recreation classes, attended FHUSD schools, played in the beautiful parks, volunteered and enjoyed our strolls through the safe streets of our new hometown.

Fountain Hills organizations, local churches, the Chamber, businesses, residents and volunteers have all contributed to our quality of life. Fountain Hills has been for us, and I believe still is today, an amazing community to live in and to raise a family.

I’d like to know what you think about Fountain Hills. Vision Fountain Hills launched a “Community Satisfaction Survey” in August that quickly attracted the attention of several hundred residents. Did you get to voice your opinions and share what’s important to you in our town?

So far, we have learned from those that took the survey that 98% believe the Town’s condition is important, but overall satisfaction is less than 55%; 96% believe internet services are important, but most are only 40% satisfied; 94% believe that parks and recreation are important, but those participating in youth activities are less than 45% satisfied; and nearly 90% rate our schools as being important. Would you agree?

Please consider carving out 10 minutes of your day to take the current survey at visionfh.org. The more who get involved, the more relevant opinions become. Your thoughts and ideas could have a long-lasting impact on our community. I’m personally very grateful for all those who have collaborated and built the community my young family grew up in. Let’s continue to work together and provide a sustainable, thriving community for our families to not only enjoy growing up in, but to work and retire as well.