Thanks to the vice mayor! Our vice mayor stood up for the MCSO and removed them from controversy of enforcing the use of a symbol. The vice mayor will surely be vilified for his vote, which became a wall between a symbol and the deputies who likely would rather not be the “mask police” of Fountain Hills.

The larger question is this; has there been a serious outbreak in any of our stores which remained opened these past months? Fountain Hills seems to have hosted many from out of state these past few months, has there been a significant spike in cases from those out-of-state refugees?

Would forcing the MCSO to respond to calls from citizens who want the symbol enforced when they alone perceive a violation? Would this result in the same behavior that occurred during the stay at home order?

Perhaps the recent spike in Arizona could be attributed to the recent “protests” and the large groups of out-of-state “protesters” seeking some activities outside of, say, L.A., Seattle, Portland or some other location where youths are bored. Perhaps the spike is a result of the virus leaving the homes and people living their lives; should the MCSO arrest or cite citizens for living?

The vice mayor voted to support the MCSO, not the symbol, and that took courage in this highly political climate.

Thank you, Mr. Vice Mayor, for using common sense and leading from the front.