No one loves Bob Shelstrom more than Bob Shelstrom himself. To quote Clint Eastwood, “Bob is a legend in his own mind.” Next, he will be telling us he has a doctorate in quantum mechanics like Stephen Hawking. I find it interesting that Mr. Shelstrom, in one of his recent letters, attacks Robert Thomson and the Sanitary Board by calling the restrooms at the Fountain Park a “vanity” project. I was informed that he did a flip-flop on Facebook and said maybe the park restrooms were not a bad idea, but added they were not required by code and he opposes the cost.

He still does not understand our community. When we the people pick a candidate for the Town Council, Sanitary Board or School Board, we choose someone who has the community at large in mind and who is the best to serve us. It’s not about the “me, me, me, the person,” it’s about “we, we, we, the community.”

Mr. Shelstrom has made it very clear that he only wants to stay within the chartered mission of the Sanitary Board. He has stated he believes the board should lower the fee and seems not to want a strong capital fund. Remember, in one of his Q&A answers, part of his statement was, “provided the board doesn’t divert funds ‘again’ for non-sanitary systems purposes.” Once again showing he was against the restrooms.

As I am not on Facebook, someone told me the Mr. Shelstrom questions why anyone would spend money for advertisements to promote a candidate, unless there was something in it for them. I stopped building in Fountain Hills in 1992 and no mechanical work after 2001. I never worked for the District. My ads support the best candidate’s for the community: Vote B-M-T!