This letter is for Independent voters and any other voters who has not made up their minds about the upcoming election. I am a 60-year Republican, 15-year Independent and this is how I see it.

First and foremost, I am firm in my faith that there is a “spark of the devine” in everyone; everyone! Some let it shine forth for the benefit of humanity and some bury it in a morass of wrong thinking and wrongdoing.

I do not consider the present administration Republican, as it does not reflect the values that I saw in the Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush administrations. Call it what it is, “the Trump administration,” as he has co-opted the Justice Department with Bill Barr and the Senate with Mitch McConnel, as well as other high-level offices; firing competent people and replacing them with unqualified patrons who he controls. Please do not tell me that this is the “new normal.”

Most disturbing to me is Donald Trump’s fascination with authoritarian figures like Putin in Russia, Kim in North Korea and Erdogan in Turkey. In my estimation, he is a wannabe autocrat.

I will not comment on his mental, moral and personal life or his previous business practices, because “it is as it is.” He claims to be a genius, but will not reveal his scholastic records (by the way, I don’t recall Einstein ever having claimed to be a genius). He (Trump) claims to be “the most transparent president ever,” but will not voluntarily release his tax information or loan information from Deutsche Bank.

All I am suggesting is that you dig deep into your own personal core values and make your voting choice accordingly.