I wish to endorse and support Brenda Kalivianakis for Fountain Hills Town Council. This endorsement is based on getting to know her over the last year. She is the most level-headed, honest and unshakeable person I have met in my life; that’s saying something, since I spent the bulk of my 28-year career in the healthcare industry lobbying in multiple state capitols.

Fountain Hills, not unlike the country under our current leadership, has wandered from its roots and needs to be brought back to center. Current Town leadership is doing a very poor job in representing the will of the people. Our streets have fallen into disrepair, sober living homes have been allowed to proliferate against the wishes of the people and recommendations of the Planning and Zoning committee. They seem to have no respect for taxpayer dollars as they spend huge sums of money on frivolous pet projects. They have no regard for the safety of the residents when it comes permeating our once serene neighborhoods with sober living homes and, in case you have not noticed, crime is on the rise.

Fountain Hills needs new leadership that can effectively deal with current issues and have the discipline to stay focused and build a foundation for future leaders. With the right leadership now, our town will set the standard for good governance throughout the state. Brenda is equipped with the tools and the God-given talent to make that happen. She is a leader and has shown those attributes in her personal and professional life. She is a constitutional lawyer, owned her own business and proudly represents our country in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. She is a true patriot and a proud American; I am proud to call her my friend.

Vote for Brenda K. Election Day!