During 2021 we are watching wrong-headed leadership infuse America with all the ugly traits of a third-world country, including arrogant incompetence and corruption. Their version of politically correct propaganda targets traditional family values including erasing masculinity and womanhood. Their apparent goal is a descent into a social state of mediocrity.

The American people are being betrayed by seditious government acts that boastfully evade election and immigration laws. Bureaucrats redefine language to justify hate crimes like burning down police stations, accelerating inflation, using political bias to protect criminal acts including looting, shoplifting and arson; ignoring homelessness, lying about crime waves, not fixing a dismal educational system, empty grocery shelves, and sending males into girls bathrooms. These immoral behaviors, in defiance of the public’s security, go mostly ignored by the legacy media.

Thank God, there is hope!

Praise for the spiritual whose faith is unconquerable, applaud those who protect children and human rights, thanks to the industrious minds that want to excel and invent, gratitude for the fathers and mothers that mold their families to be the future, salute all the essential workers who have become “politically expendable,” don’t blame migrants that take illegal advantage of weak federal leadership. The list of individuals who deserve recognition because they strive for greatness is long. Their mission clearly demonstrates by action, not words, that meritocracy builds courage and fortitude. Reasonable Americans won’t follow tyrannical rulers lecturing them that they must accept mediocrity or unscientific and illegal compliance mandates.

Masculinity, motherhood and families are core values under attack by the anti-evangelist that worship climate change and population control. Don’t submit to tyranny. Until the next election, vote with your voice and your actions, not your feet. Don’t retreat, stand tall; be loud and proud. Speak up, protect yourself and your family.