As a resident of this community for over 40 years, I cannot help but be skeptical of a full-page Times ad listing 550 names as former Falcon students, most of whom are unfamiliar. Even more puzzling, with an average class size of 140 or less, the list would comprise nearly 100 percent of the last four years’ graduating classes? Really?

I can’t and won't condone a threat of violence toward any individual within our community; regardless whether that person is a resident, visitor, student, ex-student, whatever! At the same time, I vehemently object to being called a racist just because I have earned the right to live in, help develop and protect a community that I love, just because the population happens to be 95 percent white. When did that become a crime?

There are two sides to every coin and in these days of accusations and misconceptions it is rather ill advised that our mayor would consent to any kind of demonstration without proper permitting and provisions for safe guarding all of our citizens, visitors and property. These are unusual times that require an abnormal amount of common sense and decency toward one another. Let’s try that for a change.