As an older adult who recently learned how to text, I am dumbfounded at the vast amount of hateful tweets Trump has sent to Americans across the nation in these almost four years of his presidency.

Some tweets were so outrageous and hateful that Trump deleted many himself, after condemnation and uproar.

The most offensive tweets were sometimes rationalized, denied or excused with the help of his press secretary to support him. The bombshell was the fact that Trump would often come out days later and say that’s what he meant after the uproar settled down, which created more confusion and division.

These tweets are not fake news or skewed in any way by the news media who Trump vilifies. They are documented and appear online for anyone to see or research.

The question I have for Republicans waking up daily is how do you reconcile, support, overlook or accept such hateful speech that has only gotten worse since Trump was elected?

How would you react if your own children, teachers or mayor spoke that way? Could it be that some of those tweets you read daily hold some truth to you? Could it be that some of those tweets are deserving?

Before I close, I want to ask some questions. If you would not accept such language and hate from your own children or teachers, then why do you turn a cheek and let the leader of the most powerful nation in the world send hateful and harmful messages? On what day did you give Trump a pass on this, and what does this say about you as a person if this is the kind of person you embrace or support? I’m just saying.