I have a question for each and every town leader. Is Trevino Drive a commercial street or a residential street?

If it is considered a commercial street, then the zoning needs to be changed. If the zoning is changed, then I and my neighbors will be able to sell our property to a commercial developer.

If, however, it is residential, something has to be done to separate the commercial from the residential.

Now, as the council has approved a hospital facility that can and will be built on the corner of Trevino Drive and Saguaro Blvd., you can be assured that the traffic on Trevino will increase dramatically. You can be assured that the people who live on the west side of Fountain Hills will use Trevino for access to the hospital and as an exit from the hospital.

My suggestion to you is to consider a barricade on Trevino Drive on the east side of Burkemo Drive. Doing this will give residents of both Trevino and Burkemo access to Saguaro by way of Monterey Drive. At present, there is a traffic light on Shea and Technology Drive and could easily provide (with minimal culvert and black top) access to Trevino Drive from Shea Blvd.

Speed bumps on Trevino would do a lot to decrease speeding of those who are going to Desert Canyon and are in a rush for their tee time, as well as others who use Trevino as a shortcut to McDonald’s and Circle K.