Shortly after a highly contentious presidential election, the country as a whole expected a peaceful transition between the outgoing and incoming administrations. The 2000 election transition ended with over $20,000 in “reckless and deliberate” damages and vandalism at the Eisenhower and White House executive offices, according to the finalized GOA audit.

Shortly after a highly contentious presidential election, protests and riots raged for over a month and accusations of “Russian collusion” was the coin of the realm based on what was obvious humor. After a cost of $32 million and multiple years of investigation, zero, nada, no collusion with a foreign government was found. What was found is that the rival political party paid for the document furnished by a foreign actor and subsequently by a foreign intelligence service, which was the basis of the $32 million investigation.

Four years of “not my President” and “illegitimate” president, which even President Biden “shared” this view when a supporter asked that specific question during a taped town hall event. This past summer cities burned, Americans were murdered and a pandemic seemed to be exploited for political gain. Fear became the coin of the realm.

Currently Democrats, including those posing as Republicans, are holding their collective breaths that a stormy or violent transition might occur based on the Jan. 6 riot. I sincerely hope this does not occur, as there should be a difference between conservative values and progressive ideology.