Carol and I recently joined the many puppy- and dog-loving owners in town with our goldendoodle puppy, Oakley.

When we brought her home at eight weeks old, she was 11 pounds and so adorable and didn’t get into any trouble. Fast forward to five months and 30-plus pounds, she was even more adorable. However, she became quite a handful just doing normal puppy things, chewing on shoes, socks, towels, gloves, napkins, newspaper, basically anything she could put in her mouth. Besides the puppy issues we, along with the pandemic, caused a socialization problem for Oakley. She was afraid of people and other animals. She would try to hide behind our legs when a person or another animal would come near.

Then we met Denae and, after an eight-week training session in our home, Oakley is so much better behaved and trained. We have taken her to the park at the Fountain and to several stores in town and her socialization skills have improved tremendously. She still has some of those puppy issues occasionally but she is, after all, still a puppy and we love her lots.

Thank you so very much Denae, you're amazing.