For almost 20 years my wife and I have done most of our banking and grocery, pharmacy and pizza shopping in Fountain Hills. Our primary care physicians, dentist and other professionals are also located in Fountain Hills.

However, we live in the Cordabella at CopperWynd community, which is in Scottsdale, off of Eagle Ridge Drive. Therefore, we have no opportunity to vote for the mayor of Fountain Hills or Town Council members, or sign any petitions relevant to Fountain Hills issues.

Of Cordabella’s 80 homes, I am aware of only one homeowner who supports Daybreak. All others with whom I’ve spoken oppose Daybreak, as do we. All of us must use the intersection of Palisades and Shea Blvds. whenever we drive to most other destinations. Daybreak-related traffic will cause delays in passing through that intersection, which will negatively impact all Cordabella residents, both when we leave home and when we return. Traffic flow through this area will also be impeded during Daybreak’s estimated two-year construction period.

According to a May 15, 2019 version of the Daybreak PAD, there could be monument signs as large as 10’x14’ on Shea Blvd. and 8’x10’ on Palisades Blvd. with Daybreak information on both. These would be unattractive “welcome” signs to visitors to Fountain Hills.

When I was a freshman at Cornell University, I’ll always remember one key learning from an Engineering 101 class: After gathering all relevant information regarding a situation and coming to a conclusion, you should ask yourself one question: “Does the answer make sense?” From what I have read and heard about this project, placing Daybreak near the corner of Palisades and Shea Blvds. in Fountain Hills does not make sense to me; maybe in Tempe, Mesa or Scottsdale, but not in Fountain Hills!