When it comes to choosing the next mayor for Fountain Hills, it should be a no-brainer. Just look at the backgrounds of the two candidates, then apply one of my favorite forms of practical decision-making, common sense.

One of the candidates is the current mayor who, in my opinion, has a wonderful track record, such as voting for but not limited to: flashing stop sign lights, safety corridors, Saguaro crosswalk, group home ordinance, Medical Center/hospital.

The other candidate during their last job, according to ABC 15 News, cost the taxpayers of Maricopa County over $100M in civil lawsuits regarding racial profiling and wrongful arrest. Now use your common sense, their ad basically states that they will continue to perform the same as they did in their last job if elected mayor. That is a little scary!

Now the no-brainer, re-elect Ginny Dickey. She has done well for Fountain Hills so far and will continue to do so. Just look around at all the new people moving to Fountain Hills. They must love what they see. Kudos to Ginny for helping to keep our town beautiful.