As chairman of the Fountain Hills Sanitary District, I am extremely grateful for the diligence of Town Prosecutor Mark Iacovino in pursuing a toxic dumping case in Fountain Hills against Green Arrow Environmental Services of Mesa. The case arises from an incident when employees of Green Arrow allegedly pumped over 5,000 gallons of raw industrial waste into the sanitary district’s sewer system, causing over $8,000 in clean-up costs and several days of disruption to sewage system operations.

On July 9, 2018, District staff noticed a toxic substance in the sewers and immediately attempted to track down the source. At a vacant building on Shea Boulevard, they observed two large tanker trucks and three individuals nearby. When these men were approached, they quickly jumped into their trucks and fled the scene. Staff was able to photograph the trucks, later identified as operated by Green Arrow.

MCSO conducted an investigation and submitted their findings to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as well as the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. With the perpetrators having been literally caught in the act, this would have likely been an easy win for either State AG Mark Brnovich or Maricopa County AG Bill Montgomery. Apparently, both Attorneys General decided that an illegal toxic dumping incident was too insignificant for their exalted offices. With just days remaining before the expiration of the one-year statute of limitations, the matter was finally turned over to Mr. Iacovino, who quickly reviewed the case and drafted a criminal complaint.

I am literally stunned by the failure of either Brnovich or Montgomery to prosecute this illegal dumping case. Not only is it significant to the residents of Fountain Hills, but a criminal conviction will send a strong message against dumping waste in whatever location is easiest and least expensive. Kudos to our town prosecutor!