Stanley Hinkley’s letter to the editor entitled “Tribalism” states, “It only seems logical that the problem we are having with the ‘Squad’ and their attempt to change our country into their weird version will not change unless someone outside of their tribes replaces them.”

Tribalism, as used today, refers to the division of our society based on racial, religious, political, economic, gender, age, etc. Tolerance of the differences between “tribes” has enabled our country to fashion a stronger and better society and culture for us all. The hostility in the above statement is typical of that made in time past against the Irish, Catholics, Jews, Italians, Germans, etc.

Eventually the differences which these immigrants brought with them were accepted. Our country benefited from what they brought with them. Stressing and deepening the divisions in our society creates distrust, fear and an inability for us to reach our full potential. Tolerance, acceptance of differences, and the taking the best of what they bring will make our country stronger and a better place to live.

If we send Muslims back to “where they came from,” we should send the Italians with their pizzas back to Italy, and illegal German immigrants and their descendants back to Krallstadt. (Our current President’s grandfather illegally emigrated from Krallstadt.)