I no longer will be asking Bob Shelstrom to answer any of my questions. It is not my intent to create a sticky situation in the middle of an election. I leave it up to the voters. I trust and respect their decision on Election Day. However, I will still continue to voice my opinions on the outstanding foresight and planning of the Sanitary Board and District. This is why I am voting for Butler, Maroon, and Thomson. And, of course, I encourage my fellow voting citizens to vote for them.

Let’s look at the “need” for the fee increase of 2015; less than $1 per week, $4 per month. One of the mechanical businesses I owned employed over 100 people. Every year the cost of materials, labor, equipment repair and replacement, and vehicles increased, not to mention all business insurances and health, office, overhead and union benefits.

The Sanitary District has to constantly maintain miles of sewers and all the equipment at the plant and the park. With good management practices, they maintain a sizeable capital fund for unexpected emergencies, demands and special purposes. This avoids the need for bonds and new taxes.

I am against the Town taking over the District. Are we not all aware of the financial problems the Town has? Do you want to put the District in the same predicament? Please keep in mind my comments on why it is prudent of the District to keep a sizeable capital fund. I will explain in a paid advertisement about special purposes.

Bruce Hansen did the greatest job of serving on the District for 27 years. He was against the Town taking over the District. Proof? Ask Cassie. Bruce Hansen left us a great Board and District. I miss him.