For months Trump has been raising the issue of voter fraud in our upcoming election. He’s repeatedly suggested that states using mail-in-ballots for voter protection during COVID-19 will not be trustworthy. Don’t we know better?

He claims that if Biden wins it would be positive evidence of fraud. To create chaos, he has encouraged voters to vote twice and stated he wants large numbers of his supporters to go to the polling places to “supervise the election.” Trump has repeatedly refused to commit to a peaceful transition should Biden win the election.

Do we need to worry about riots if he does not win? In four years, our democracy has been turned on its head. How could one person turn our democracy inside out in such a short time? But, of course, it is not just one person! It is his attorney general, it is his vice president, it is all our elected representatives who forget who they should be representing.

Why are elected and appointed individuals afraid to stand up to this man who is ruining the Republican Party? How cowardly are they when they anonymously speak to reporters about his abhorrent behavior but won’t take a public stand?

How can this be a U.S. election? Is anyone else concerned about more violence instigated by the President? More violence facilitated by elected and appointed officials who stand quiet or help him tear our country down? A better question: Why aren’t Republicans lining up by the millions to urge him to stop lying, to stop tearing our country apart?

Are we turning into a Third World country run by a tin-pot dictator? Maybe! A tin-pot dictator has been defined as an autocratic ruler with little political credibility, but with delusions of grandeur.