We have zoning commissioners for a reason; they are appointed citizens who look out for our best interests. They consider what our town will look like, what fits and what doesn’t. Commissioners carefully review plans, consider input from their professional staff, then issue their opinion by approving or rejecting projects.

From there the Town Council will consider what P&Z did and then take a vote. On Thursday, Sept.12, at 6 p.m. commissioners should give Daybreak a thumb’s down. Many have opined their negative opinion of Daybreak, so I won’t repeat them. But I want you to consider the possibility that if Daybreak is approved for new zoning that the individual, the developer who is well-known at Town Hall and in the offices of the Chamber of Commerce, may never build the project. He is touting his Fountain Hills reputation and credentials as reason to give him what he wants. We should not worry, he has history here. Yet when asked, he would not say conclusively he would actually build the project.

Honestly, with his new zoning, he could sell the land to anyone he wishes. New owners/developers with their new zoning in hand may not build the same project residents thought. It might turn out to be something totally different. Keep the zoning as is, resort hotel, and say no to Daybreak.